Gantt Chart

Project by Project (Dr. Juran)

used for planning the project activities to be carried out and executing it within the timeline to see the project to fruition.

The blue columns are to be filled per the project phases & time frame.

The FMEA 7 Step phases are Planning & Preparation (including 5T), Structure Analysis, Function Analysis, Failure Analysis, Risk Analysis, Optimization, Documentation

The Six Sigma DMAIC Phases are Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

As there may be several Tasks to be carried out within a phase, the Phase & Task are combined & labelled to the left of the start point of the specific Task in the Phase for clarity.

The planned timeline has a thicker grey bar while the execution of the task and its time taken to accomplish the Task is a thinner green bar to give a perspective of planned versus actual. Variances as a result of the task taking longer or shorter are shown as a similar, thinner red bar.

The Today line changes with the Computer System Date.

The more typical project layout is below with unlocked cells for data entry.

Gantt Chart FMEA.xlsx