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Central Limit Theorem

Empirical Proof of the CLT

The table on the google sheets contains 5 distributions of randomly assigned numbers that may be regenerated by refreshing the web Page (Reload).

Each row in the last column is the average/mean of the 5 randomly assigned columns.

The 5 Histograms of Distribution 1 to 5 are a visualization of the data distribution

The Histogram of Average is a visualization of the Average data.

In your Groups,

  1. Try refreshing the data and discuss whether the Distributions 1 to 5:

a. appear to have a Pattern or

b. it appears to be random

  1. Discuss what you observe about the Histogram of Average?

a. Does there appear to be a pattern?

b.What does the pattern remind you of?

c. Do you as a group agree with the theory of the Central Limit Theorem found in (the page is found below the Google Spreadsheet)

Central Limit Theorem