Discovering Insights

through Data Visualisation

HD&L Webinar: Overcoming Big Data Intimidation: Cultural Shift through Visualization (A Case Study)

Data Analysis

Adding dynamism to your Charts and remove the tediousness of updating them.

Create Interactive Informative Charts and then refresh them by changing the databases.

Making Sense of Big Data visually through manageable patterns to turn that gut feel into a visual representation.

This webinar shows Big Data usage through a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and how it was used to improve its search ranking (SEO).

Public domain government property data was used to create Firm Generated Content (FGC) to "pull" as opposed to paying for advertisements to "push" through Web Sites & Social Media. The search rankings improved to the first page.

The Big Data dashboards were produced with 5Mb max, cloud based spreadsheets and a simple file management technique to update data for our Sense Making journey.

Mobile Learning

Learning to create survey forms through e-learning presented at the Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) iN.LAB InnovJAM Mobile Learning Day 2018.

Learning Circles

A blend of classroom and e-learning presented @ IAL in 2017.

The relationship between Penang Art and Big Data.